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The Top 6 Reasons Homeowners Skip Roof Maintenance – and How to Avoid Them

Roofs protect our homes, taking hits from torrential rains, falling leaves, and misguided frisbees. Yet when it comes to home maintenance, our roofs often fall under the radar. Why? Let’s dive into some common reasons that homeowners skip roof maintenance, as well as ways you can avoid doing the same.

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1. Roofs Are Overlooked (Literally)

Since your roof doesn’t pop into your daily view (unless you’re habitually scaling your house), it’s easy to forget it exists. It's only when a leak starts auditioning for the role of indoor rain that we remember our overlooked friend up top.

Get into the habit of scheduling annual inspections, just as you do for your home's heating and air conditioning system. By maintaining yearly appointments, you won't forget about your roof and therefore won't allow small issues to turn into costly repairs.

2. Roofing 101 Wasn't on the Curriculum

Most of us aren't born with the innate knowledge of how to spot a distressed roof. Without a handy manual or a "Roofs for Dummies" guide popping up in our mail, how are we to know that those curling shingles aren’t just trying to add a bit of flair to their appearance?

Stay up to date on our blogs and check out other helpful articles to learn the basics of roof maintenance. When your contractor comes out for an annual inspection, make sure to ask for more information and write down tips.

3. Time: The Eternal Nemesis

Between family obligations, work, and everything in between, it often feels like there's a never-ending list of things to do. As a result, our roofs often fall off the to-do list, into the camp of "I’ll get to it eventually." Putting off roof care becomes even more common when coupled with the problem of not having all the information.

Add roof maintenance to your spring cleaning to-do list, and don't leave this one unchecked! Spring is an optimal time to have your roof inspected, leaving you prepared for the busy summer ahead.

4. The Money Monster Under the Bed

The mere thought of roof maintenance can make our wallets spontaneously combust—or so it feels. The fear of a hefty bill leads many to adopt a "if it ain’t raining inside, it ain’t broken" philosophy, which, while budget-friendly in the short term, might invite the actual money monster for a long-term stay.

Opting for the relatively small fee for annual maintenance is much more cost-effective than waiting for a big issue -- and big repair cost -- to occur. Maintaining your roof will help you squash small problems before they lead to expensive repairs or even a full roof replacement.

5. The Allure of Instant Gratification

Let’s face it: Updating your kitchen or landscaping your garden is like getting a dopamine hit of home improvement joy. Roof maintenance, on the other hand, is like eating your home improvement vegetables—good for you but not nearly as exciting.

While scrubbing the shingles on your roof isn't exactly glamorous, it's definitely worth it. Neglecting roof maintenance is a no-go, as it can lead to ventilation issues, leaks, storm damage, and more. After all, a water leak into your house is more costly, frustrating, and damaging than a flower that doesn't grow in your garden.

6. Trust Issues: The Contractor Conundrum

Venturing into the world of roofing contractors can feel like navigating a minefield while blindfolded. We've all heard the horror stories—tales of the mythical contractor who vanished into the night or the project that morphed into a money pit. It’s enough to make you want to just give your roof an encouraging pat and hope for the best.

Trusting a new company can be tough, but there are many ways to ensure you hire the best. Browse through your local contractor's website and look for past projects or galleries showcasing their work. Checking out Google reviews is another great way to get honest opinions on a contractor. You can also opt for a phone call or free in-home estimate so that you can get a feel for their expertise without any obligations.


While we might poke fun at our collective negligence, the truth is, our roofs deserve a bit more love and attention than they typically receive. By embracing the quirks of homeownership and scheduling roof maintenance with a trusted professional, we can ensure our homes remain the sanctuaries they’re meant to be—frisbee impacts and all.

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