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BMG Exteriors is an industry leader in preventive maintenance. Saving you more by extending the life warranty of your roof.

 Guaranteed inspection within 12 hours of any leaking issue and guaranteed 48 hour repair team on site


Preventive roof maintenance can extend the life of your roof and protect your investment. Additionally, this preventive measure can extend the manufactures warranty by saving you even more money. Our experienced team of roofers performs this maintenance with the goal of ensuring the maximum possible life span for your roof.


Check out our Residential Maintenance Checklist below!

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Shingle Roofs - Maintenance Checklist

  • Missing or cracked shingles/tiles

  • Loose or missing flashings

  • Drainage system flow / clogs

  • Check gutters securement

  • Check all roof penetrations (vent pipes, skylights, chimney stacks)

  • Check roof ventilation if applicable

  • Check for water damage at eaves and overhangs

  • Check all flashing sealants/solder

  • Check all downspouts for any clogs and proper securement

  • Look for sagging / low spots in substrate

Flat Roofs - Maintenance Checklist

  • Check all drains

  • Check all spouts for clogs and proper securement

  • Check all perimeter terminations

  • Check for air or water pockets below roofing system

  • Check all flashings and flashing sealants

  • Inspect for water pooling / low spots

  • Inspect all seams within roof system

  • Inspect all roof penetrations / curbs

  • Check roof surface for wear / cracks

  • Clean and remove accumulated leaves/debris

Contact us about a free estimate for your residential maintenance program
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