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All Packages include detailed reports, leak mapping, images from the inspection, and recommended repairs.

 Guaranteed inspection within 12 hours of any leaking issue and guaranteed 48 hour repair team on site

B Package


  • Includes 1 site inspection per year

  • Discounted rates on recommended repairs

  • Gutter / Drain Clean out and Minor Debris Removal

BM Package


  • Includes 2 site inspections per year

  • Gutter / Drain Clean out and Minor Debris Removal

  • Minor repairs on site

  • Discounted rates all year round on all recommended repairs

BMG Package


  • Includes 4 site inspections per year

  • Gutter / Drain Clean out and Minor Debris Removal

  • Minor repairs on site

  • Premium Price Rates and Benefits all year 

Commercial Program Check List

1. Roof Drains / Gutters

  • Is the roof drain free flowing & clear of all debris

  • Does the membrane / lead extend past clamping ring

  • Are gutters sloped correctly 

  • Are gutters free flowing & clear of all debris

  • Are gutters showing any signs of deterioration / failure

  • Are downspouts free flowing, clear of all debris, and are properly secured to the wall

2. General Field

  • Surface of roof is in suitable conditions

  • Are there any splits, blisters, or other signs of deterioration

  • Are there any signs of wind uplift on the surface of the roof

  • Are there signs of ponding water on the roof surface

3. Seams

  • Lap seams are secured & sealed

  • Mechanical fasteners are seated at the bottom of the membrane

  • T-joints are tight & sealed

  • Seam adhesive is continuous from front to back of the seam

  • End laps are secured & Sealed

4. Pipes / Stack Flashing

  • Is lead stack intact with no damage

  • Is pipe clamp intact with water cut off mastic

  • Is the base of the pipe / stack flashing sealed to roof surface

  • Are the mechanical fasteners seated properly & sealed

  • If applicable, is the rain collar present & properly attached

  • If applicable, is the stack cap present & properly attached

5. Curb Flashing

  • Is the curb properly counter flashed

  • Are the corners properly flashed & tight

  • Is the flashing at he base at the base of the curb tight & sealed

  • Does the unit appear to be sound & all access panels are intact

6. Parapet Wall Flashing

  • Wall flashings are at a proper 90 degree or tight

  • Is the wall flashing secured to vertical substrate

  • The angle change fasteners present & in functional condition

7. Pitch Pockets

  • Are the pitch pockets adequately filled / sealed around penetration

  • are the bases properly attached & sealed to the roof deck

8. Copings & Metal Edge

  • Is there distortion or disturbance of copings / edge metal from installed position

  • Are the face legs fully engaged with continuous cleat

  • Are the joints & corners secured against water infiltration


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