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Detailing Our Affordable Roof Maintenance Program for Year-Round Protection

For a nominal annual fee of just $99.00, our roof maintenance program provides an exhaustive evaluation of your roof system including flashings, penetrations, gutters, and drains to guarantee everything is functioning correctly. This comprehensive service is designed to protect your property from potential damage while avoiding expensive emergency repairs down the line.

What's Included in the BMG Roof Maintenance Program?

Our roof service plans will keep your roof in top shape and give you peace of mind year-round. Check out what's included:

1. Detailed Roof System Inspection: Our thorough inspection aims to identify any signs of deterioration or potential issues, ensuring your roof's integrity.

2. Flashing Assessment: Essential for water leakage prevention, we meticulously check the flashings to confirm they are in optimal condition.

3. Penetrations and Seals Check: All roof penetrations and seals are examined to prevent any moisture ingress that could lead to internal damage.

4. Gutter and Drain Maintenance: Proper drainage is vital for roof health; we clean gutters and drains, removing any debris that could lead to blockages.

5. Minor Repairs: Our proactive approach includes addressing any minor repairs identified during the inspection, saving you from future extensive repairs.

6. Discounts on Repairs: Our service plan provides you with discounts on bigger repairs so that you can keep your home safe without breaking the bank.

7. Priority Scheduling: As a BMG Maintenance Partner, you can expect priority scheduling for regular service, repairs, and installations.

Roof service repair

Exclusive Discounts & Bundle Options for BMG Maintenance Partners

As mentioned above, BMG Maintenance Partners enjoy exclusive discounted rates on more significant repair needs identified during inspections, such as missing shingles or damages to a flat roof. We value your trust and commitment to maintaining your roof's condition and offer these discounts as a token of our appreciation.

New bundle options

To provide even greater value, we now offer the option to bundle two to three regular maintenance visits at a discounted rate. This flexibility allows you to choose the package that best suits your property's needs and ensures your roof receives continuous, professional attention throughout the year.


By enrolling in BMG' s Roof Maintenance Program and taking advantage of our bundle options, you're not only ensuring the long-term health of your roof but also gaining significant savings and peace of mind. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service and craftsmanship.

Don't let roof maintenance become an afterthought. Protect your investment and ensure your property is well-guarded against the elements by signing up for a roof service plan today.

For more details on our program and bundle options, or to enroll, please click here or give us a call!

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