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What To Expect When Getting A New Roof - The BMG Process

So the day you have been dreading has finally come around. You need a new roof and have to put out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on something you can’t even enjoy daily. But it’s better to replace that old roof now before you have structural damage and/or mold growth and the cost of repair doubles or triples!

So, here’s what to expect when it’s time to get a new roof...

A dumpster will be placed on site either the day of or a day before. And the same for the new roofing materials. This is based on our vendors availability lining up with our schedule.

Tarps are draped from the roof down, to protect walls, windows, walkways and gardens. Please note that some dust will be generated inside your attic, if you have you access to this and have valuables stored within, it's not a bad idea to throw an old sheet or drop cloth over these. If you need help from the crew, we can assist!

The deconstruction begins! With everything set up, the crew starts to remove your old roofing material. If we find and damaged or rotted decking, we take pictures, notify you, and replace the sections needed.

Now your new roof and its components are ready for replacement. All your underlayment's, drip edging, flashings and shingles are installed as per manufacturers specifications and recommendations.

Your grounds are cleaned up, a magnet is rolled over your perimeter to grab any loose nails that fell from roof or off the tarp. We call of the dumpster and give you back your driveways!

We schedule a walk around with you to inspect your roof and your grounds. When you are 100% satisfied with the work and the clean-up we collect final payment, register your warranties and schedule you for a 1 year follow up inspection.

And that is a wrap! Easy Peasy !!! Hope this helps - Team BMG

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