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What Damage Can A Leaking Roof Cause

What if a few drops of water from a roof leak made it’s way into your house or building? No big deal? What if it was a couple thousand drops? Here’s is some information to hopefully help…

Even a small leak can turn disastrous if unnoticed or un-addressed, especially when it’s a leaking roof. A leaky roof not only can cause structural damage, but also poses numerous safety and health risks as well. You want to address roof leaks without delay, failure to do this will not only add up to costly roof and structural repairs along with mold remediation issues.

What are some signs of a roof leaking?

We strongly recommend roof inspections. At a minimum, 1 per year and/or after major storms with wind and rain or heavy snowfall. A roof inspection is a small investment in protecting you investments. Even a properly installed roof system can be compromised from heavy storms.

Here are some common signs of a roof leak

  • · Discolored spots on ceilings or walls

  • · Paint peeling around dormers or skylights

  • · Plater develops blisters

  • · Water stains in soffit areas

  • · Musty odor in attic

  • · Dark mold spots on underside of roof decking

Finding the source of your leak could present challenges. Water can travel along rafters, beams, and even along sheet rock until it finds a point of infiltration. Having a professional look at it is a good idea to help with timely leak detection and preventing severe structural damage and mold issues.

Roof Leaks and Mold

Mold growth occurs when leaks enter the home and has the opportunity to stagnate. There are 2 types of growth, limited and systemic:

Limited: growth occurs when your house or building has good ventilation to prevent condensation, keeping the mold to an immediate area.

Systemic: occurs when there is enough moisture buildup to cause growth through out the entire area. This will, in most cases need professional assistance from a mold remediation contractor.

Bottom line: Do not delay. Do your research and make sure to hire a professional, licensed contractor.

Stay Healthy,

The BMG Team

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