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Transforming Your Roof with BMG's Comprehensive Restoration Process

Updated: Mar 4

Restored roof

When it comes to giving your roof the care and attention it deserves, BMG Roof Restoration stands out with a meticulously planned and executed process. From the initial clean-up to the final touch of silicone coating, every step is designed to ensure your roof not only looks great but also provides enhanced protection against the elements. Here's a closer look at how we breathe new life into your roof, one layer at a time.

Setting the Stage: The Pre-Restoration Preparation

The journey to a revitalized roof begins with setting a date. Once we've agreed upon a schedule, our dedicated crew prepares to begin the restoration process. The first day is critical as it sets the foundation for the entire restoration. Here's what happens:

The deep clean

Imagine giving your roof a well-deserved spa day. That's exactly what we do—scrubbing and cleaning every inch of your roof until it's squeaky clean. This isn't just about aesthetics; a clean roof is crucial for the adhesion of subsequent coatings. By removing dirt, moss, and any other debris, we ensure a pristine surface ready for restoration.

Addressing the vulnerabilities

Once dry, we turn our attention to the roof's existing vulnerabilities. Penetrations, flashings, and open seams can compromise the integrity of your roof if left unaddressed. We tackle these issues head-on, using mesh tape and silicone sealants to fortify these critical areas. This step is vital for preventing leaks and extending the lifespan of your roof.

Primer application: the bleed block coat

The application of a bleed block primer coat is where the magic begins. But what exactly is this, you might wonder? The bleed block primer is a base coat designed to ensure maximum adhesion of the top silicone coats. More importantly, it prevents asphalt and other materials from "bleeding" through, ensuring a clean, uniform appearance. This coat is essential for both the aesthetic and functional integrity of the roof restoration process.

After the primer coat, day one wraps up, setting the stage for the transformative work to follow.

The finishing touch: applying the top coat

The second day of the restoration process is all about sealing the deal—literally. We apply not one, but two coats of high-quality silicone coating, following our manufacturer's specifications to the letter. This silicone coating is the hero of our story, providing a durable, waterproof barrier that can withstand the elements and significantly extend the life of your roof.

Clean-up and final inspection

With the application of the top coats, our work nears completion. We take great care to remove all debris from the roof, ensuring a clean and tidy finish. The ladder comes down, signaling the end of the restoration process. But before we call it a wrap, a thorough inspection is conducted to guarantee that every inch of your roof meets BMG's high standards of quality and durability.

Why Choose BMG Roof Restoration?

BMG's roof restoration process is not just about repairing or beautifying your roof. It's about providing a comprehensive solution that enhances your home's protection against weather, aging, and wear. Our meticulous approach, from the initial clean-up to the final silicone coating, ensures your roof is restored to its former glory and equipped to face the future with resilience.

We hope this overview helps you understand what happens during a roof restoration process, especially in those areas you can't see. At BMG, we're committed to transparency, quality, and your satisfaction. Transform your roof with BMG and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected by the best in the business.

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