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Signs you may need a new roof (Shingled / Pitched Roofs)

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Wouldn’t it be much better to realize we need a new roof before damage? Often, we only realize we need a new roof or repairs, AFTER water is dripping into our homes!! Here are some signs that could help you identify oncoming trouble and hopefully avoid costly interior repairs.

  1. How old is your roof: The roofs we installed in the late 90’s, early 2000’s usually carried a 20 to 25 year manufacturers warranty. (Today, they are 30-35 year). If your roof is getting near that age you will begin to notice some of the signs below. Quick BMG side note, we do not install shingles over an already existing layer(s) of shingles. Some may, we feel it compromises proper ventilation, and will cost the shingles some years of life expectancy.

  2. Shingles Curled: Throw some eyes on your roofing shingles. If the corners of the shingles are curling up, this is a good sign that your roof is on the older side and possibly ready for replacement. Age and direct sunlight are factors for curling shingles.

  3. Shingle granules in gutter: If your able to safely look in your gutters, see if they are loaded with shingles granules. If they are, this is also a sign that your roof needs repairs or replacement Roofs often lose more granules as they age. Dark color on parts is another indicator that the granules have worn away. This also could clog your drainage system and lead to leaks at your eaves,

  4. Nail Heads: If you are able to see nail heads popping thru your shingles, this can tell you that your roofing system is worn. When the shingles wear down, old roofing nails can pop and penetrate the shingle, causing water to be able to penetrate thru that hole.

  5. Chimney / Penetration flashing: If the flashing's that are tied into your roofing system are covered in caulk or roofing cement, you may want to at least repair this area to prevent leaks. This doesn’t necessarily indicate that you need a new roof. A brand-new roof could have a improperly installed, or worst yet, no flashing's, and the penetration is roof cemented to try and keep leak free,

  6. Lastly, and maybe the easiest indicator is: blown off or pieces of blown of shingles laying around your property. This spells trouble! Have this looked at as soon as you can,

As always, if this is not something you can safely inspect on you own and would like BMG Exteriors to give you a free roof inspection and consultation call 215-604-1330 or click here

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