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Transform Your Home’s Exterior with These Top 20 Trending Colors for 2024

Updated: Jun 4

One of a home's most impactful visual elements is its exterior, especially the color. The exterior color of your home not only enhances its curb appeal but also plays a significant role in its value, identity, and integration within the community. Choosing the perfect exterior color for your home can be tricky, but we’re here to help with this comprehensive list of trending colors for 2024. These shades are designed to inspire your next home renovation project.

Top 20 Exterior Home Colors

1. Linen or Beige

Linen or beige house color

A classic and neutral tone like beige can transform your home’s exterior into something sharp and exciting. Pair beige siding with crisp white soffit, gutters, and corner strips for a striking look. Complement it with a contrasting roof color.

2. Gray Heron or Earthy Green

Gray heron earthy green house color

This earthy green shade works beautifully with dark gray and cream accents. Avoid pairing it with pure white; instead, opt for muted variations to enhance its natural appeal.

3. Caramelized Pears or Pale Yellow

Caramelized Pears or Pale Yellow house color

For a vibrant, youthful look, pale yellow outlined with white window panes creates a joyful ambiance. Gray or brown roofing pairs well with this color, highlighting its brightness.

4. Flagstone or Bluish Gray

Flagstone or Bluish Gray house color

This unique gray with a light blue tone conveys a refined coastal theme. Combine it with stormy gray, crisp white, or charcoal detailing for a coordinated and striking presentation.

5. Autumn Red

Autumn red house color

Smoky red paneling, capped by crisp white detailing along windows and eaves, makes a bold statement. Find the perfect complementary tone for a beautiful and memorable exterior.

6. Snow

Snow or opal house color

This fresh, optimistic shade captures the essence of a tranquil home. Light-colored roofing and red detailing enhance the airy feel of Snow siding.

7. Red Rock Falls or Clay

Red Rock Falls or Clay house color

Bright clay-colored siding paired with warmer browns transforms into a sophisticated palette. Balance is key to ensuring this color doesn’t appear too bright or childish.

8. Earth Tones Combo

Earth tones house color

Combining earth tones like green and brown creates a harmonious and balanced look. You can even segment the exterior into geometric sections to achieve visual harmony.

9. Pacific Blue

Pacific blue house color

Cheerful and fresh, Pacific Blue is quickly becoming a top trend for 2024. Pair it with crisp white edging and dark roofing for a modern, energetic vibe.

10. Off-White

Off white house color

Eggshell, ivory, or any muted shade of off-white provides a versatile blank slate, allowing homeowners to dress up their exterior however they like.

11. Turquoise & White

Turquoise house color

This refreshing combination projects youthfulness and joy, making it highly appealing to buyers.

12. Burgundy Red

Burgundy red house color

Bold and rich, burgundy red communicates strength and durability, qualities that are highly valued by buyers.

13. Wood Look

Wood look houes color

Wood-style siding remains popular for its versatility and timeless appeal, suitable for various architectural styles.

14. Forest Green

Forest green house color

Partnered with crisp white trim, forest green offers an earthy yet polished aesthetic.

15. Light Blue

Light blue house color

A traditional choice with renewed interest, light blue provides a laid-back look perfect for suburban homes.

16. Peace Yellow

Peace yellow house color

This youthful, joyful color combination works well with crisp white trim and molding.

17. Bracing Blue

Bracing blue house color

Featuring a bluish hue, Bracing Blue conveys a refined coastal theme. Combine it with white or charcoal detailing for a striking appearance.

18. Snowfall or light gray

Snowfall light gray house color

Capture the spirit of a tranquil home with a light gray siding that's sure to stand the test of time.

19. Armagnac

Armagnac house color

Armagnac siding paired with muted browns creates a vibrant and contemporary look. Balance is crucial for achieving the right effect.

20. Edge Olive Green

Olive green house color

Earth tones like green and brown used in geometric sections create a balanced and visually appealing exterior.

BMG Exteriors can help you choose the color that best suits your home and personality to create a warm, inviting, and stylish exterior that stands out in your neighborhood. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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