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Benefits of Roof Maintenance


Extended Roof Lifespan


Leak Prevention


Enhanced Energy Efficiency


Preserved Property Value


Cost Savings

Maintenance Checklist 

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Did you know your home's roof should be inspected EVERY YEAR? 
Check out what goes into a BMG Roof Maintenance Plan below! 

Shingle Roofs Maintenance Plan

  • ​Maintenance Checklist:​

    • Check for missing or cracked shingles/tiles

    • Check for loose or missing flashings

    • Check drainage system flow/clogs

    • Check gutters securement

    • Check all roof penetrations (vent pipes, skylights, chimney stacks)

    • Check roof ventilation if applicable

    • Check for water damage at eaves and overhangs

    • Check all flashing sealants/solder

    • Check all downspouts for any clogs and proper securement

    • Look for sagging / low spots in substrate

  • 15% off additional repairs

  • Priority scheduling

Flat Roofs Maintenance Plan

  • Maintenance checklist:

    • Check all drains

    • Check all spouts for clogs and proper securement

    • Check all perimeter terminations

    • Check for air or water pockets below roofing system

    • Check all flashings and flashing sealants

    • Inspect for water pooling/low spots

    • Inspect all seams within roof system

    • Inspect all roof penetrations/curbs

    • Check roof surface for wear/cracks

    • Clean and remove accumulated leaves/debris

  • 15% off additional repairs

  • Priority scheduling

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